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MALTA PUBLIC TRANSPORT is the national bus operator responsible to operate all public transport services by bus on the Maltese islands. We form part of an international network of transport companies present in four continents with over 40,000 employees. With over 120 years of experience in efficient management of urban transport as well as regional, national and international bus, coach and rail transport, our philosophy is to maximize on this international experience and adapt it to the local context wherever we operate, including Malta.

As the national bus operator, we cover 30 million kilometers every year with our fleet of 430 buses and a team of over 1,300 people. In the past year we carried over 53 million passengers, a significant increase when compared to previous years. Notwithstanding all of this, we are very well aware of the challenges we face and we are committed to improve the overall bus user experience and to provide a safe, credible and efficient bus service in Malta and Gozo. Our vision is to be the natural choice for people wanting to travel easily in Malta by providing an excellent service. Our company is ISO 9001:2015 certified.

Tallinja Bike is a bike-sharing system which operates in Valletta and nearby surroundings. Building on the government’s policy for multimodal shift, bike -sharing offers an alternative mode of transport which allows individuals to borrow a bike from 6 docking station located in Sliema, Floriana, Valletta Bus Terminus, Valletta Marsamxett Harbour, Valletta Fort St

Elmo and Valletta Barrakka Lift. Ideally placed at specific nodes, this service can be used by both the tourist and the Maltese person since it connects well with the various modes of transport in the area. This bike sharing system offers many benefits to the users – and these include:

a. saving time as bikes go faster than your feet and help you to navigate better the streets of Valletta,
b. saving money as the service costs as much a cup of coffee
c. respects the environment, bike does not use polluting energies
d. Promotes healthy living as when biking you are doing exercise.

EcoBikes Malta the best bicycle rental in Malta and Gozo We love cycle, we love bicycle, we enjoy our work, we do it with passion. We rent bicycle , organise tours and show you where to go. Discover Malta & Gozo by bike is a great experience.

Our bike rental shop is the only one in Malta with a great service, we have different kind of bikes for rent: MTB , Touring bike and also Electric bike! Rent a bicycle from EcoBikes, you won’t have hidden costs, you pay for the rent and we provide you Helmet, lock, repair kit and pump. You can hire a bicycle in Malta and Gozo from our shop and discover all the island , we hare in the best location to start you bike trip. Easy way to all the best areas of Malta and easy to go to Gozo. We know what it means preparing for a ride! and we want you start when planned. We’ll be to your place in perfect time. always. We deliver to you bicycle. We also bring to you Helmet, lock, repair kit and pump. You can choose from different sizes of Bicycle and helmets. Our staff is always ready to bring you the bikes we have a fantastic car; our ‘Gypsy’ will bring you all the bikes you need. It can ride all over Malta and Gozo. We also have a trailer , for large number of bicycles delived.

Offering Something Special
Quality aluminium frame mountain bikes and electric bikes, most ideal for the Maltese terrain, tell us while you are making your booking so we will make sure we have them available on the day of your booking.Deposit Guarantee Passport / 50.00 euro (only cash)

We firmly believe this is one of our strongest qualities when compared against other rental shops. Our team members are more than happy to answer any of your questions before, during, and after the rental process. Not satisfied? We’ll be sure to do everything in our power to get the job done right

You can pick up your bike anytime you like during the day, the earlier the better for you of course, we open at 9:00. When hiring a bike for 1 day, you have 24h time to use the bike but if you want, you can return it on the same day before the rental shop closes at 19:00

You know how you always wanted a robot? Well here’s one on wheels. Rolling Geeks are cars that talk. No, not like Knightrider – think more like C-3PO … with attitude. They’re little electric powered cars, very easy to drive, complete with pre-programmed GPS showing you where to go, and what to look at when you’re there. With Rolling Geeks you get all of the knowledge of a tour guide, but with the freedom to park up, get out, and explore whenever you want to – and trust us, you’ll want to. In just 2.5 hours you can see 3 of the richest historical cities in Malta, discovering incredible areas you just couldn’t manage in a whole day on foot. Enjoy the sights of Birgu (Vittoriosa), Isla (Senglea), Bormla (Cospicua) and their surrounding villages, while the car tells you about them in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Russian or Mandarin. Rolling Geeks are tours with street smarts – it’s how we roll

Rolling Geeks are self drive electric cars, complete with pre-programmed GPS that not only take you on the perfect tour, but explain what you’re looking at too. So you get all the benefits of an organised excursion, but with the freedom of being in your own quirky electric car. There really is no contest. The cars are unbelievably fun, safe and easy to drive, not to mention environmentally responsible, letting you experience authentic Maltese culture and climate first hand. Fancy trying that café, or bunking off the rest of the activity to sit on the beach? No problem. It’s your tour, your way. Start off by enviously scoping out the yachts in the beautiful, Grand Harbour Marina. Then enjoy the trendy waterfront lined with cafés and restaurants, before touring to the secluded sandy beach of Rinella Bay – and that’s just the warm up act.

There are plenty more things to do and to see. The tour encompasses everything from the famous Malta Film Studios, to imposing forts, to the tiny charming streets that characterise this area. With each turn of the wheel, your talking car tells you about the sights in English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Dutch, Russian or Mandarin.

Twizy’s are ideal for those willing to explore the Maltese Islands. Available in the 80-model version, with the max speed of 85 km/h, our two-seaters are both comfortable and fun to ride. Able to travel up to 100 km without recharge. Twizy’s are ideal options not only for sightseeing but also for fast transport within conservation cities like Valletta and Mdina. ​

Smarter Car Rentals is a new, innovative company that prides itself on the use of technology while taking care of our planet. After observing the world market trends, we decided to make life more comfortable for the tourists, while contributing and investing towards a safer, greener environment. Hence choosing the electric Renault Twizy 80 Technic. You may wonder why. Simply because our two-seater Twizy’s can offer you: zero emissions;silent to drive fast and fun. the freedom of a bike the fun of avoiding traffic by using bus lanes no need to wear a helmet the comfort and stability of a car safety by wearing seatbelts a cool interior even in the hottest day easy parking. Twizy’s are fun, easy to ride and its battery lasts for up to 100 km. In case you run out of power, just plug it into any domestic (240V) socket and away you go. addition, Malta has recharging points for electric cars throughout the island.

Is it your first time in Malta? Are you worried about driving? Don’t fret. Our rental service is affordable and offers you GPS, maps and a rescue service that will not let you down. Why wait? Just pre-book our Twizy’s and speed up to visit the Maltese Islands. You can choose to visit our modern shops or immerse yourself in history by visiting our ancient sites and temples. Choose Smarter, go green, go faster and have more time for fun!

Gozo Channel was formed in 1979, to maintain, develop, and operate a sea transport service to and from Malta, Gozo and elsewhere which, by the carriage of passengers, freight and mail, will serve the national economy and interest of the Maltese Islands. The Company’s first vessels to operate the route were the M/V Ghawdex (purchased in early 1979) the M/V Melitaland and M/V Mgarr (both purchased in early 1980). Initially, these vessels performed an average of eight (8) round trips per day.

With diversification in mind, a seasonal service to Sicily was introduced in June 1981 with the M/V Ghawdex. The Company operated up to three (3) weekly trips to Siracuse, Catania and eventually Pozzallo and the service became very popular among local Maltese and Gozotan wishing to spend a day or more in Sicily. The service was discontinued in 1995. As the traffic between Malta and Gozo increased, more vessels were introduced into the service to cope with the demand, and by 1990 the Company was operating five (5) vessels, including a fast ferry service between Mgarr, Sliema and Sa Maison, and performing an average of 27 round trips per day. In that year the Company carried 1.93 million passengers and 370,000 cars.

Today, Gozo Channel has become one of the leading local maritime companies in Malta, with over 200 employees. On average, the company performs 20,000 trips a year, and ferries around 4.1 million passengers and 1.2 million vehicles annually between the two Islands. As shown by its history, over the coming years, the Company will continue to strive to improve its service in line with the development of Gozo and the demands of its customers.

“Fastest, easiest and coolest way to travel to Valletta using waterways. Known traditionally as the Sliema Ferries, this mode of transport offers regular sea transport services between Sliema and Valletta throughout the day and night (NOTE: night service occurs mostly during the summer moths). This mode of transport is relatively cheap and saves precious times as it takes you to Valletta in just under 15minutes. Moreover you have the benefits of enjoying the sea breeze whilst enjoying a unique perspective of UNESCO World Heritage City – VALLETTA. On your way back to Sliema – you can stop and enjoy the surroundings, the unique and traditional boat houses dug deep into the Valletta fortifications, whilst sipping a cool drink at one of the bars situated next to the ferry boat mooring place.”.

The Three Cities Valletta Ferry Service - operates from Valletta to the Three Cities and Vice Versa, again giving the commuter an easy and relaxed way to the historic Three Cities, the seat and nucleus of Malta’s urban and industrial heritage. The Three Cities Ferry Boat stops at Cospicua. From here, after you enjoy the beauty of the promenade and the intricate stepped streets, you can easily reach the other two adjacent cities of Vittoriosa and Senglea.

Malta International Airport is a member of the ACI-EUROPE (Airport Council International – Europe). Additionally, several company officials sit on specialised committees and working groups within this council.

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Bolt in Malta Getting around in Malta has never been so easy! No matter where you are on the island, count on Bolt to get there in few minutes. With Bolt, you can find a cab at the tap of a button. Quick, safe and convenient!

Bolt, previously known as Taxify, is the leading European transportation platform providing ride-hailing and scooter sharing services. The company’s mission is to make urban travel easier, quicker and more reliable. Founded by Markus Villig, Bolt launched in 2013. It’s one of the fastest-growing transportation platforms in the world with investors including Daimler, Didi Chuxing, Korelya Capital and TransferWise co-founder Taavet Hinrikus.

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